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Here's why families love PlatinumSitters

PlatinumSitters is amazing! Easy, reliable and they have a good list of experienced sitters to choose from based on the day/night you need help. It's truly a great service for a full-time working mom who doesn't have family in the area. It's truly a dream come true!!
- Emily, mom to two boys (3 & 10 mos)
Simply love Platinum Sitters! So happy my friend told me about you! I have needed reliable sitters for my erratic summer schedule and Platinum Sitters has come through every time. My kiddos love the sitters and look forward to seeing each of them again- what more can a mom ask for?
- Sara, mom to two girls (5 & 2 yrs)
Katherine was phenomenal! She connected so well with my little girl. I felt so confident that she was in good hands. We can't wait to have her back!
- Meredith, mom to one girl (2 yrs)
My sitter was fantastic! She brought a puzzle for the kids to play with and they thoroughly enjoyed her.
- Stephanie, mom to one boy & one girl (6 & 4 yrs)
My oldest woke up the next morning calling for the PlatinumSitter! She was great! Came over to meet us prior to the appointment, which was totally out of her way. Hoping she's available the next time we need a sitter!!
- Emily, mom to one boy and one girl (3 yrs & 7 mos)
Platinum sitters has been great! I have been using them for my work and my kids have really enjoyed every sitter! Very reliable and takes away the worry that your sitter might call out sick at last minute.
- Elizabeth, mom to two boys
I had 2 babysitters cancel on me last minute this week. Instead of panicking and/or cancelling my appointments, I just logged on and got a great sitter to watch my kids! Thank you for this service, I will be using it often I am sure!
- Meredith, mom to two boys (5 & 3 yrs)
PlatinumSitters is the best, my kids have loved everyone they've met and is our go to sitter!
- Leah, mom to twin boys (3 yrs)
I tried Platinum Sitters after running out of other reliable options for babysitting. Our family has a very hectic schedule and it was so nice to go online, pick a time and choose from potential sitters. Platinum Sitters all done all the background work for me! They found me someone for a recurring time and I have also used them for impromtu babysitting needs. Every sitter I have used has been great!
- Natalie, mom to two children (4 & 10 yrs)
Platinum Sitters has been amazing! After having a new baby I was in need for sitters that were experienced with infants and were available during the day and night. Not only is it super easy to book a sitter at anytime (literally takes less than 2 minutes!), you get to choose between a great selection of top-notch, vetted babysitter. The two sitters we have used for my 4 month old and three year old have been wonderful! They both were extremely experienced, comfortable with babies and also enjoyed playing with my daughter. My daughter never wants them to leave!
- Jennifer, mom to two children (newborn & 3 yrs)
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