Feedback and Reviews

How can I provide feedback on a booking?
At the completion of each booking, families are given the opportunity to rate and provide feedback of their experience. This information is shared with our PlatinumSitters community and can be referenced for future bookings.
How can I favorite a sitter?
We are so glad you love your Platinum Sitter and want to continue your relationship with them. Families have the opportunity to favorite the sitter after each booking. Please fill in the heart next to your favorite sitters name under the past bookings tab.


Is there a membership fee and/or joining fee?
The answer is No. It is completely free to use PlatinumSitters. We only charge families the exact number of hours (15 minute increments) they have used for the booking.
What happens if parents come home early or late?
All payments are processed at the end of each booking and hours are adjusted according to the number of hours used.
Do I need to tip?
Platinum Sitters do not expect a tip, however we leave the opportunity to tip at the discretion of the family.
Does PlatinumSitters offer gift cards?
Yes, through our unique gifting program, you can purchase any amount desired and can track amount used for you.

Sitter Process

How do you choose your sitter?
Our sitters are held to the highest standards because we understand that childcare is an important family decision. We carefully prescreen each sitter, including all of our vetting process. We find reliable and organized people with a strong sense of integrity and pride in their work.
Is transportation between locations available?
Little Suzy has soccer practice. Timmy needs to get to his recital. You have an important meeting. Don't worry, set an alternative location for where you would like the booking to take place.
How do I leave my sitter specific instructions for my children?
During the booking process, provide specific instructions on exactly how you'd like the booking to go. PlatinumSitters will communicate your specific needs to the sitter of choice.
What is the best way to communicate with my sitter before and during a booking?
Your sitter's contact information is available once a booking has been confirmed. You may find their contact information under upcoming or current bookings within your profile.
Can I book the same sitter I used previously?
You may favorite a sitter after each booking. All favorited sitters are listed on the search results first as parents will have first access to these sitters.
What is the minimum time I need when requesting a sitter?
We ask that families book a sitter 24 hours prior to their booking. This ensures that each sitter has the appropriate time to respond with a confirmation. However, should you have immediate needs, please contact PlatinumSitters and we will be happy to assist.
How far in advance can I book?
Families are able to book a sitter 6 weeks in advance.
Is there a minimum time for a booking?
There is a 2 hour minimum time per booking.
How quickly can I book a sitter?
Our simple booking system is extremely easy to use and families can book a sitter in just minutes.
Why do I have to fill out a profile for each child?
Our sitters are given the family profile before each booking. Please help us communicate your family's routine, favorite activities and any other specifics to our sitters before their arrival so that we may serve you and your little ones better.


What is PlatinumSitters' cancellation policy?
We understand that life happens and you may need to cancel your booking. Please do so 24 hours in advance to avoid a two hour minimum fee based on the booking rates. All cancellations are to be submitted online. Simply click on the booking, cancel and confirm!
What do I do if my sitter doesn't show?
Uh Oh! We hope that this will never happen to you. However, if this occurs, please contact PlatinumSitters immediately and we will contact your sitter and do our best to find a replacement.